Improving the Power of Image & the Quality of the Written Word...
The Writer's Inc. offers freelance writing and consultation services with a direct focus in marketing, PR, and professional branding. Essentially we help companies and organizations to more effectively communicate their message and present their image with a higher degree of clarity, focus, and emotional impact.

In addition, we offer Small Business Services to provide small or mid-sized companies with essentially everything they need to get moving forward and effectively compete within their chosen market. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Developing your Core Marketing Message and Tag Lines.
  • Proper Consultation in Professional Branding.
  • Complete Build-out for a Professional Website (with full content).
  • Assistance with Logo Design, Business Cards, and Letterhead.
  • The creation of Promotional or Informational Brochures.
  • Intro, Sales, and Follow-up Letters.
  • We also define a Suggested Plan for Effective Marketing.
  • Additional services can be provided on an individual basis if desired.
Indeed, more than a company, The Writer's Inc. represents a group of highly qualified and talented individuals who can guarantee a level of dedicated excellence and personal insight, all bound by a true commitment to the vision of each client we serve. 

What This Means to You…

What we do best is to help you connect with your audience in a manner that strikes to the core of their emotional needs and fundamental desires. We then provide the message and sense of image that carries true impact in the eyes of those you're trying to reach. 

This is important for three central reasons:
  1. It allows you to distinguish yourself and stand apart from the competition.
  2. It creates a higher sense of true value by enhancing your overall image.
  3. It also generates a higher degree of conscious awareness in the market you serve.
So do what you do best and work to build your business. In turn, give us a call and let us explore how we can help you and your company fulfill its vision for the future. What we offer here is a brief introduction into who we are and the services we provide. But the real insight begins with a simple contact, for what we can do for you begins first with you.

Until then, I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity in all that you strive to be…

Richard A. Dostal
Principal Writer / Creative Director / Owner
The Writer's Inc.
Professional Writing & Consultation Services.

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“It’s rare to find someone who not only has such an impressive show of experience,
but who is also able to translate that experience into TRULY practical advice!”
- Constantine, Owner of Tryst in Adams Morgan.