Improving the Power of Image & the Quality of the Written Word...

How We Work

 Each Project is Unique...

  • Short term projects (requiring 2 weeks or less) can be quoted on a flat fee basis.
  • Larger more long-range assignments may require an hourly basis of compensation.
  • Depending upon your needs, some projects will be for copy only while others will include the full development of graphics & illustrations.
After an initial meeting to explore your wants, needs, & desires (provided at no cost or obligation) we’ll generally offer some ideas & can discuss financial considerations at that time. Once all is agreed, we’ll sign a simple letter of intent outlining key responsibilities, intentions, deadlines, & financial considerations.  Then the project will get underway.
  • All projects include two rounds of revision per invoice. Additional revisions may be rendered at a pre-arranged hourly rate.
  • After work has begun, if a project takes a change in direction then this does not constitute a "revision" & will require a recalculation of our fee.
  • If a project is killed at any phase during its completion, then W/Inc. is entitled to hourly wage up until the point of notification. If killed after completion, then we are entitled to full payment of our agreed invoice.
  • We reserve the right to a 50% overage on all "Rush Jobs" (brought on a Thursday or later & requiring a Monday deadline).
That's all there is to it! So give us a call & let us see how we can help.
We look forward to working with you…

“I found your professionalism to be beyond reproach,
and your dedication to be far and beyond the call of duty.
I’d like to offer you my
highest recommendation and would say to any
considering your services that they’d be absolutely crazy not to give you a shot.
I can guarantee they’ll be
more than pleased.  Thank you.”
- Michael J. Cobb.  President, TDS Inc.