Improving the Power of Image & the Quality of the Written Word...

Efforts in Publication, PR, & Publicity

This takes on Two Areas of Core Focus: 

First, this entails active efforts in PR & Publicity on behalf of a client. This may be engaged as part of a larger project adjacent to initiatives for essential Marketing & Promotion. Of course we can assist with such needs, & will be happy to explore any possibility for increasing your exposure.

Secondly, speaking individually as owner to The Writer's Inc. I am first & foremost a writer, & that carries with it all that goes with being "a writer." So if you're a publisher, agent, or editor who is actively looking for highly pertinent & marketable material, then it would be my pleasure to discuss any considerations you have in mind.

Commercial projects aside, all articles for general publication will no longer be ghost written.
Generally, I offer first serial rights & electronic rights on all published articles.

Please contact Rick for further details.

Masterworks in Progress:

The Tea Master’s Guide to the Art of Life (a completed work).

An eternal guide to wholeness, happiness, & personal prosperity (a classic wisdom of old to find your way in the journey of life, lay the foundation to become a master in all that you desire to be, & turn your ultimate dreams into a destined reality).

Set in ancient China, Haan, a simple servant falls into deep despair & leaves his master’s house to wander the countryside. Through a twist of fate he comes into the company of Kiataro, a very wise & worldly renowned tea master. 'The TeaMaster' soon acquires Haan as a student & proceeds to teach him the key wisdom of classic truths:
  • The 10 Foundations that create a map to find your way on the path of life & design the plan of action that will then work to achieve all that for which you aspire to be.
  • The 12 Precepts - those core habits which will then achieve a balanced character with a centered quality to carry within the true spirit of a warrior in all of that for which you strive.

Building for Greatness: ‘The Millionaire’s Guide.’

Johnny was a trader on Wall Street who under extreme circumstances meets with a total collapse of downward peril. He finally just walked away from it all until he finally comes to meet a self-made multi-millionaire named Walter. Here he learns the core secrets to business & prosperity, the lessons that would change his life forever...
  • Beginning at first within himself, he learns to first define & develop the success mentality that will carry him forward.
  • Secondly, the key elements & core principals to then build a successful & growing enterprise are fully presented & explored.
  • Then coming full circle, he comes to take the fruits of his labor to build a progressive state of personal wealth & prosperity.
  • All based on the core foundations of Conscientious Capitalism & that of using one’s endeavor as a means to True Fulfillment, Personal Expression, & indeed Art in Life.

The Warrior Within - a journey of wholeness, self-discovery, & enlightenment…

For a blues singer in New Orleans it just gets to be a bit too much. So in a last effort for sanity, he packs it up & leaves his beloved Bourbon Street working his way across the country. He finally comes into the company of a very old & wise shaman where he learns the seven core truths to our spiritual life & launches himself on the journey of a shamanic warrior. It is here that he finds the path to spiritual wholeness & learns the way to an enlightened life. Reborn within himself, he then moves forward in life & becomes the founder of one of the nations most successful programs for troubled & runaway teens.

The Trilogy: taken as a whole, the body of work comes together to create The TeaMaster Trilogy - defining the essence of Life, Business, & Spirit - all to synergistcally achieve a truly fulfilled & complete sense of absolute harmony within the tides of one's existence.

The Real Estate Chronicles (Buyer & Seller Guides are in Progress)…
  • Seller’s Guide - Insider tips & secrets to guarantee a smooth sale for top dollar.
  • Buyer’s Guide - Industry tips & secrets to avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a home.
  • Selling By-Owner - Seller’s Guide refocused to the "by owner."
  • Investor’s Guide - Achieve financial independence in the field of R.E. Investing.
  • Agent’s Guide - Guide to success & prosperity in the field of Real Estate Brokerage.

Possible long-term consideration: “The Writer’s Inc.”- A practical guide to a successful & fulfilling career as a professional writer. [Please note that this will NOT be the book's title as unfortunately this is already in publication by another author]

Stand Alone Articles: available for exploration...

  1. From Professional Experience - Real Estate & PR based articles (the many issues of buying a home, selling a home, appraisal, working as an agent, selling your own home, & investing in real estate); the key issues of personal finance, debt or credit management, & dealing with mortgage money.
  2. From Business Expertise - Effective sales, marketing, & promotions; effective systemization of general business procedures & effective management; the core principals to greatness, growth & prosperity; the many factions of working in small business, working in a home-based business, 'bootlegging', as well as using your business to build a state of personal wealth & prosperity.
  3. Personal Studies - the key issues of time management, effectively working with people, money management, the power of thought, personal motivation, dealing with procrastination & fear, the many issues of health; achieving spiritual wholeness, personal fulfillment & happiness, & walking the enlightened path.

"You are a true talent, & your writing carries with it a real sense of passion.

I hope that in time the world will come to know your work."
- Abigale Engle, Editor.