Improving the Power of Image & the Quality of the Written Word...

Core Services

Offering the Very Best in Freelance Writing & Consultation Services
with a Direct Focus in Marketing, PR, & Professional Branding.

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to do it all. So don't let yourself get bogged down in a world of details. You know what you do best, so place your efforts there & outsource your creative needs to a professional who can help you stand above the crowd.

That’s where we come in…

The freelance advantage allows you to reduce overhead by contracting ‘project based’ assistance. This removes all issues of ongoing payroll, taxes, & all the concerns & headaches associated with a full-time staff. In turn, you'll not only gain a different view & fresh perspective on each task before you, but you also gain the expertise & staffing that will allow you to more readily compete in a highly competitive industry.

It offers THE Solution to All Your Sporadic or Ongoing Needs.

So let us help you develop your core message & professional brand. Then for any project in the works, we can allow you to communicate your message with a deeper sense of power, emotional impact, & direct focus. This is what we do best!


Count on the strengths of our experience & insight to gain a depth of understanding into how people think as well as to understand what motivates them most. This will give you & your project a greater edge & allow you to reach your target audience with a higher degree of impact & emotional appeal.


Whether your project leans more toward the unconventional or requires a more direct approach, good solid writing can give you the creative edge to literally guarantee a new level of clarity & vivid appeal. This in turn will create the lasting impression you desire. But such communication doesn’t just happen. It takes talent, effort, focus, & the commitment to find the right approach that will turn the ordinary into something truly inspired.

Such creativity blended with the abilities of our entire team will then allow us to offer a fully evolved product that will let you stand apart, & thus stand above the competition.


You can count on our very best, but top quality doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Our fee structure is still much lower than a large PR firm or ad agency. This yields a high degree of value for your money & can tremendously help your bottom line.

Commercial Services:  offering the highest quality in…

  • Consultation & Assistance in Marketing, Promotions, & Sales.
  • Brochures (from a simple tri-fold to multi-page layouts).
  • Sales Letters & Direct Mail Packages.
  • Image Packages & PR Work.
  • Ad Copy, Video Scrips, &/or Radio Spots.
  • Support & Collateral Materials.
  • Newsletters & Trade Articles
  • Project Proposals.
  • Training & Project Manuals.
  • Event Packages.
  • Script Writing & Speeches.
  • Dynamic Editing & Critique.

  • Graphic Design, Logo Design, & Illustration.
  • Web Design & Content.
  • Efforts in PR & Publicity.

“There are many writers, some good, others bad.
But your writing is very descriptive and charged, never boring,
which is a great talent. I look forward to working with you again.”
- Christina Caves, Former Anchor of ESPN,
& current President of Leaning Escapes