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A Sample Portfolio of Previous Clips & Relevant Projects:

  • Sample Newsletter - 'Hot New Programs Your Mom Never Told You About.'
  • Emotionally Based Newsletter - 'The Holiday Season & a Reason for Thanks.'
  • Trade Article (Finance) - 'Getting Out of Debt'
  • Trade Article (Restaurant) - 'Building the Perfect Wine List.'
  • Promotional Brochure (Real Estate) - 'Getting the Most Money Possible When It's Time to Sell.'
  • Direct Mail Piece (Mortgage Industry) - 'Neighborhood Alert.'
  • Sales Letter (Insurance) - 'What Would Your Family Do?'
  • Sample Ad-Copy (Real Estate) - 'Get the Inside Secrets to Avoid the 21 Most Deadly Mistakes When Selling Your Home!'
  • Consumer Guide (Catering) - 'Planning the Perfect Party.'
  • Tourism Guide (Tourism) - 'Really Cool Stuff.'
  • Sample Consultation Package (Restaurant) - 'Mayorga's Coffee.'
  • Sample Text-Work (Business) - 'Building For Greatness.'
  • Sample Text-Work (Life Sciences) - 'The TeaMaster's Guide.'
  • General Content (Re: Coca Cola) - 'The True Story of Santa Claus.'
Please note, this is my own work & does not include elements of graphic design. For such inquiries I can put you in touch that member of my team once we determine your individual needs & desires.  Thank you.

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